One 2 One Healing

“Thank you so much for the healing session on Monday. It was so amazing. As I said to you at the time , when you stood next to me , it was no longer you standing there, it was Mary. My eyes were closed but the sense was so strong that Mary was standing at my side, I could see the outline of her and it wasn’t your figure. When you sing it is another amazing experience as it is not your voice, it is like nothing I have heard before. Incredible! I felt such love throughout the session and all my feminine family members who have passed were with me. As you know, there was a lot of release. My heart feels so full and joyous now . I didn’t want to leave that place you took me too but when I ‘said’ that , Mary said I didn’t have to , as it is always with me & available. ❤️ I have recommended you to friends and hope I will have another session myself . Thank you again, “

Caroline August 17 UK

“Dear Georgie,
​I just wanted to thank you so much for the healing you offered me on your visit to my home. As you know I had suffered from fear of abandonment for most of my life after the loss of my dear dad (he was only 26 years of age) this, plus many other situations created within me lack of confidence and self-worth and even at the age of 73 years now, I still had issues of this feeling of abandonment. After the amazing healing you gave me of Angelic Harmony Therapy with your singing, drumming and the amazing harp, something within me shifted so deep and so rapidly that I can honestly say from my heart, I no longer have the fear of abandonment from way back in my childhood and teenage years this has truly gone. I feel lifted and lighter, knowing the Guides and Angels that work with you have created a beautiful healing through your voice. I know that Angelic Harmony Therapy will go from strength to strength but then I speak from experience from receiving your beautiful gift. Age isn’t a barrier or for how long someone has been suffering with a difficult situation such as mine, but everyone needs to experience the quality of the healing you offer Georgie.
Love and Blessings

Carol A Stacey 
Founder of Rahanni Celestial Healing 9th August 2016 UK

” I would highly recommend anyone to have one of  Georgie’s Angelic Harmony Therapy sessions. I started listening the U-Tube series for my own healing at home, and loved the way Georgie is so relaxed and natural, and her beautiful voice so focused, with clear and powerful guidance. I had an amazing healing of an inner child/traumatic situation, in which I have replayed and revisited many times in my life. Playing the Mother Mary track with the sacral chakra, I felt a whole new way of dealing with this past scene, a letting go and moving forward. This healing also continued the next night in the early hours, when I awoke to a strong sense of her being with me and showing me a picture of myself as a teen, in which I was able to view myself in a new way. I love using the Angelic Harmony downloads from the website, as they are worth their weight in gold!! A wonderful tool to use for inner work and healing. ” 

Deirdre  July 2016 New Zealand


Georgie’s ability to work with the angels and heal is astounding. I firmly believe that working with her has changed my life around. She has a beautiful soul. Everyone should experience the power and love of the angels transmitted through Georgie and Angelic harmony Therapy.”

Vicky April 2014 UK

Group Healing Sound Baths

“Just been on a mini workshop taster of Angelic Harmony Therapy with Georgie in Somerset. It was great. Her voice is amazing and I could feel every cell in my body being activated/coming into a deep state of peace. What was so surprising was when she showed us how to tone and link to the angels both my voice and everyone else’s just went into this beautiful harmonics of energy. And being given a harmonisation angel healing was so uplifting like being a cloud, floating in the air…”

Sonia August 2016 UK

Thank You Georgie, for the gift of Angelic Harmony Therapy. I broke through so many blockages with my throat and voice during the training and realised I HAVE A VOICE  that I found during the group healing. I can now share my new found gift of Angelic Harmony Therapy in my healing sessions.”

Richard August 2016 UK

Practitioner Training

I’ve been blessed to have met Georgie and honoured to become the first official Angelic Harmony Therapy Practitioner taught by Georgie herself. AHT has opened a whole new world for me and has helped me in my own physical and emotional healing as well as my personal growth and development. As a practitioner I am always confident that because of my AHT training and self-healing practices, I will be doing my soul’s work when seeing clients and holding space for groups. While I had been familiar with the Archangels before, I now have a deeper connection to them and working with their energies has made for a wonderful experience both for myself and those who are on the receiving end. Many people tell me after their session that they could hardly believe my voice could sound like that. My response is always that I can’t take all the credit- much of it goes to the angels! I look forward to continuing my work as an AHT practitioner here in Canada and hope to help Georgie grow the AHT community as she spreads the amazing modality worldwide.
Maggie May 2016 Canada

 I was introduced to Georgie by a mutual friend on Facebook a few months ago and was automatically intrigued with Angelic Harmony Therapy and judging from Georgie’s videos she came across as being enthusiastic, passionate and humble which is what drew me to her and her vision.  I knew that I wanted to try it and that it was going to be a unique experience. So I went along to a workshop where I was introduced to Georgie’s concept and that was when I had my first taste of what heaven really sounded like. I then knew I had to enrol  on the Angelic Harmony Therapy course to gain a much deeper understanding of how this healing modality worked.  Georgie makes things fun and is so passionate about the angels – her enthusiasm is infectious and she explains things in such a clear and concise manner.  I have had very little experience singing other than being in the school choir some twenty five years ago, so was a bit reluctant to take part but Georgie makes you feel so relaxed that you can easily build your confidence.  I found myself using my voice in ways I never thought possible and channelling the angels for the very first time – I found my voice that I have for most part of my life been so afraid of expressing which Georgie through her expertise and confidence managed to encourage in a gentle unassuming way as I found myself less self conscious and open to this whole experience which has now given me a glimpse into another dimension and am sure that in time and with practice I will be able to deepen my connection and become more confident. Thank you Georgie for bringing Angelic Harmony Therapy to the world; I am proud to be a practitioner and looking forward to the future working more closely with the angels and using my voice to heal the world.

Lorren Kenny November 2016 UK