Healing is my passion. I love being able to help and give all that I can unconditionally. It is not me that heals you, rather you heal yourself with your intention and the loving Divine Feminine, Archangels and Beings of Light that work with us together as One. There are varying types of healing that I offer and teach, but they work on different levels depending on how deep you are ready to heal. Here is a brief summary of the treatments I offer, but please feel free to email me for further guidance or a deeper explanation georgiegdeyn@gmail.com You remain fully clothed for all treatments, which are usually performed on a treatment couch

Divine Feminine Awakening

This has been described as life changing, incredibly powerful and transformational! During these sessions I will channel the Divine Mother using my voice, drum, harp and music. How deep you can heal, depends on you, when you are ready to forgive, let go and allow your life to flow, magic will happen and you become the co-creator of a beautiful life filled with love. I can assure you that you will feel safe, loved and nurtured like never before.

” Georgie that was the most powerful, loving beautiful experience I have ever felt. Thank you so much your voice is Divine, I wanted to open my eyes because the room felt filled with angels and I was sure it was Mary singing and standing next to me”  Annie

Investment: £45 per session (may take up to 1 hours)

Angelic Harmony Therapy

This has been described as “powerful yet gentle”, “nurturing and loving”, “mothering and peaceful”. The angel whom I normally work with is known as “LOVE”, she has been working through me for many years now. She helps clients feel a deep sense of love, enabling profound change. This form of healing is very helpful to those whom need to love themselves more. We are joined by the Archangels, Raphael, Michael , Zadkiel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Uriel, Mary, Gabriel, Sandlephon and Metatron.  Rest assured that you will feel the Angelic and Celestial realms close and they will support your needs.

“Thank You Georgie, what an amazing experience” Gary

Investment: £45 per session (may take up to 1 hours)

Angelic Group Sound Baths

Come and enjoy an hour of pure bliss and relaxation, as you are surrounded in a cloak of sound, nurture and love. Simply come and sit or lie and receive the purest vibrations. Leave feeling uplifted, inspired and re-charged. Georgie channels the angelic frequencies of the celestial realms through her voice, harp and drum. These sessions are unique and extremely powerful as the sound vibrations are recorded into the cells of your body and each time you attend your vibration will be raised to a higher level.

 “It was great. Her voice is amazing and I could feel every cell in my body being activated/coming into a deep state of peace. . And being given a harmonisation angel healing was so uplifting like being a cloud, floating in the air…”

Sonia August 2016 UK

Dates & Venues

Sunday 3rd October 4 – 5pm  Southend, £10 – To book your place visit https://yoga-factory.co.uk/




Celestial Harp Healing

Come and have an enchanting healing session with myself, Andrella (my Celestial harp) and the many angels of love , peace and healing that work with myself and Andrella. Lie on the couch and feel yourself be transported to paradise. These sessions are simply stunning, with the added bonus of the vibrational healing from voice and harp.

“Thank you Georgie, you have made my soul rest and uplifted my spirit today, what a sensual and unique experience” Mary 

Investment: £45 per session (may take up to 1 hours)


Rahanni is a non-invasive therapy which promotes you to self heal, allowing vitality and balance to be restored. It is a simple technique of healing and harmony channelled through the hands of the channel to the recipient. Healing may occur on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. It may have a positive influence  on your spiritual growth. After a treatment, you may  feel much clearer about things or problems you are facing. Rahanni may help you make the right changes or decisions in your life.

Investment: £45 per session (may take up to 1 hours)

Inner Child Re-connection

This again is quite similar to the Divine Feminine Awakening but the emphasis of the healing is to re- connect you to parts of yourself that have been disconnected through emotional, physical or mental trauma. It is very useful for individuals who feel “stuck” or “blocked” in some area of their life. This therapy may enable a deep healing, giving you an understanding of you and your journey.

Georgie’s ability to work with the angels and heal is astounding. I firmly believe that working with her has changed my life around. She has a beautiful soul. Everyone should experience the power and love of the angels transmitted through Georgie .”  Vicky

Investment £45 per session

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation 

This treatment is based on pressing pressure points on the face associated with the meridians, rather like a regular Acupuncture facelift but without the needles. Instead the CSR facial uses crystals, vibration and sound. This treatment not only reduces the signs of aging, but it is a rejuvenation and revitalisation process designed to help the whole body feel younger, helping to reduce stress and promote health and well being.

Investment:£45 per session book a course of 5 treatments and 6th treatment is free

Healing Meditation Classes

Angelic Friday Afternoon Meditation

I run a development group from my home in South Benfleet, Essex. It is a beautiful space to grow and nurture your soul. The afternoon consists of meditation and interaction with the Angelic realm. It is a wonderful way to develop your Spiritual potential. The mediation group runs from 2pm – 3.30pm. All the money is being donated to a homeless charity in Southend.  Donation £5

“Allow yourself to be re-connected to the source through healing and love”