All the readings I give come from the very highest and brightest vibration. During the reading I will channel, giving myself to Spirit as a clear messenger. Occasionally a loved one from the Spirit realm may come to say hello and send their love to you, however the majority of my work is with the Voice of Divine Feminine and Angelic realm. Also they may wish to sing to you, as often when blocks have been uncovered they will offer a sound activation to help you begin the process of healing

The guidance given will be on a deep healing level. Questions may be asked however the Celestial realms greatest wish is for you to connect with yourself fully and completely. They wish for us to speak our truth and walk our talk. They can guide us towards our life’s purpose, but it is oneself who must take the relevant action.

The Celestial realm wish for us to be in the driving seat, they are happy to be a passenger by our side, but ultimately their wish is for us to empower ourselves with their guidance and support that you need at that time on your journey.

Readings cost £25 and last half an hour To book a reading please email  

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“Words of wisdom from above, sent to you with unconditional love”