“Voice of The Divine Feminine”

23rd April 16

Dearest Mother,

Things are starting to make sense and the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. The picture that I saw on face book of your face and eyes had the same blue star that was placed in my hands and third eye at the attunement that happened after my day in Glastonbury and visiting the St Margaret and Mary Magdalene Chapel. The confirmations are coming and I am making a commitment to be the purest, cleanest channel for your healing, story, words and love. I am feeling so blessed to be able to work with the Divine Feminine collective. Please can you give us some clarity or guidance as to what to do for you and the DF Voice.?

Dear Ones, please be brave for there will be many whom reject you and the work we share but as a counter balance there will be more whom receive the work with open arms, hearts and minds. For you see it is a important to make things accessible and to keep the language in keeping to those whom will be attracted to the message, exercises, meditations and sound healing to be channelled. We applaud you and the work that you have carried out so far. The Angelic Harmony was the start of the manifestation and co-creation my dear child. We are working with you in baby steps, just as a mother coaxes her child to walk, we are coaxing you to fly. We suggest the following as a type of plan for we feel that you need some assistance to keep up with your momentum.

Meditate, Movement, Music & Mantra the four M”s rather like the 4 in Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene. However as you know and understand we are ore than this as a collective consciousness but sometimes there is a figurehead at the front of the chain as we explained earlier to you all.

Meditation is a key to unlocking your full potential and helping us to flow through you with greater ease and quality.

Movement releasing the tense muscles in the body and helps to release the blockages in the Meridians, chakra’s and cells

Music is important but it must be on the frequency that opens the heart and helps with change, flow and release. Your beautiful celestially tuned therapy harp does this perfectly. The key of D will enable you to help release emotions in the sacral that are stopping you from co-creating, the F sharp is working on opening the upper heart wider and the A is helping to expand your third eye and the one string of B is preparing your third eye to hold the qualities of the crown chakra, bliss, grace and Divine Spirit. You will then be seeing and hearing from a spiritual perspective, from your higher/ angelic self.

Mantra will help to hold the energy and focus it, we share one with you now, “peace flows and love grows” Place your left hand on your heart and your right in the air, as you say the words and smile. This may also been shared with the children as adding a melody will benefit them

Nutrition is important in your process too and you know this and know what to do dearest one. However it may not be the same for everyone around you. A clean vegan and organic diet, free from stimulants

We will help and support you every step of the way as we hold your hand and with you stay

23 March 16

Georgie’s question: “How can I open my heart and ensure I am choosing from love not fear?”

“Blessings once more dear ones. We come to support you, to love you, and to help you open your souls. And as we were saying to you at our last encounter, the Spring Equinox is a powerful time to make commitments with yourselves and with your pathway. Your pathway is illuminated by your thoughts, but this pathway can also be shadowed by your thoughts, therefore be clear – crystal clear – with unwavering certainty of that which you wish to see bloom in your life. Nurture it as we nurture you. Bless each moment with love as we bless you with love. We give you complete assurance that you are capable of the things that you wish to achieve and it is only your mind that holds you back from achieving these things. You have a dream, a desire, a passion, a yearning; and when you act upon these passions and yearnings your life unfolds in miraculous ways. Everything comes into your life – people, opportunities. The circumstances in your life line up and synchronise. Nothing happens by chance. It is your sparkling light that draws it to you. Have faith and courage in yourself and your dreams and your ability to live them. Be honest with yourself now. What is your truth path that you desire? You can reflect upon this and you can read the words over and again until this pattern seeps into the core of your being. You are loved and you are filled with love.

The medium’s question regarding opening her heart, increasing the amount of love that she can share: this my dear child is happening perfectly, as you realise that we are all one – sisters and brothers united from one source, one spark. This spark, this source is love. Sometimes it may seem hard to fully love and embrace another being, another person, another ?, for their love and their light, their spark is hidden so deep within, it is impossible for you to see or feel that love that lives deep within the murky waters of their mixed emotions, that are held within their body. And these emotions and thoughts are also held within the many layers of their aura. And if you can trust in the knowledge that behind the façade is pure light and love and can remember to honour the life, the love hidden deep within them, remember the greeting Namaste. As we say it out loud, as you say it silently in your head, feel it in your hearts. Namaste! Express your love, express your light, through any means. There are many ways to express your love and light to another. There is no need to label yourself “I am this, I am that”. I am that I am. I am the life. I am the love. For this is what you are. You are not your job, you are not your personality. What are you?……..(pause)   You are love.   I am love and I choose to express this love.Therefore we shall say our farewells.

1st March 16

Dear Mother whilst chanting in my healing sanctuary, I felt you so close, I knew that you wished to share something with us, please do.

 Dear ones, the message is quite simple, yet at the same time elaborate. Firstly we wish to remind you all to check into your own heart and soul before blindly accepting someone else’s truth or illusion. We will clarify this concept with you later. Let us get back to you and your progress, not only in spiritual development but personal also. For too long many of you earth angels have managed to believe that being spiritual meant being nice, bending over backwards to please another person or group of people but dear ones we can now see that you are beginning to set boundaries and ask yourselves, “is this good for me? What is it that I need? How do I get what I need in a loving firm way?” For those of you that are still struggling with this concept, we ask you to spend some time each day checking into your heart and really listening to your needs and desires. We realise that for many of you to voice your needs and opinions can be hard. This is another trait of the typical Earth angel personality or persona. You desire love, you wish to be liked by all but my darlings, we love you and we do not judge you but we are not human therefore it is easy for us to say to you with open hearts of pure light; we love you more than words can say and desire only that you learn to be honest with yourselves. If you are honest with yourself and lovingly talk to yourselves with compassion and kindness you will then find the voice to speak with others around you. To express your desires and needs, you may well rock the boat but you will not tip it over. We are here to support and protect you all the way.

We will help you to find your strength in side to be bold and daring and to take that leap of faith that you desire. The butterfly becomes beautiful through change and although it is a struggle to break through from the cocoon, the inner strength she finds from looking within is what gives her the necessary power to ultimately be free and fly. How does that sound to you dear ones? Ponder on this for a while.

Now to the concept of truth and illusion, for you see that which is unseen is not an illusion, it is merely another dimension in time and space. Yet in reality all is one for there is no time and spaces you know it. Your understanding of linear space and time is understandable; for this is how you perceive your world. This is the illusion but your soul understands so much more than you realise. Yet many of you still hesitate to connect to the vastness of the universal soul. It is by connecting to your own soul that you are then able to connect to the vastness of the universal soul; without filters, fears and pre-conceived concepts. We ask you to take the time to connect to who you really are. Your Divine Spark, soul call it what you will but it is that part of you that has no limits. It is limitless, profound and pure knowledge. We wish to make a point clear for you dear ones. Someone else’s truth may indeed be an illusion for you. So we ask that you always seek your TRUTH, through your own connection and Trust, no need to seek validation from outside yourself

Blessings Beautiful souls with love we leave you for now.

11th February 16

Dear Mother what words of wisdom do you have for all the light workers today?

We ask you to rest within our space of healing, while we assure you that your lights are shining brightly, so continue to believe in the miracles of healing. Your lights are needed, as a channel you are also needed and you are more than good enough to be a pure channel for our sacred healing and love and we ask you to co-create with us. Do not allow others to put you in a box! Co-create with us and open your wings and allow your halo to shine. Create with us there is so much we wish to share, there is no need to label or restrict yourselves, be open to the possibilities, be open to the miracles, be open to the wonder of all that is.


11th March 15

Georgie “There is much turmoil in the world at the moment and many people I know are struggling, why is this so ?

“My dear ones , we see your struggle yet it need not be so. We ask you now to take a step back from your current situation and breathe, breathe in deep, as you connect with my words, now you also connect with my essence and vibration, pure unconditional love. Take a few moments and breathe in my essence, for love is a great healer. We in the Angelic realms do not promise to alleviate your problems but we can help and guide you and fill you with the faith to move forward. For it is with trust in your higher self and faith in the power of the Divine Creator that will enable you to free yourselves from this endless struggle. Move away from the struggle and fear and embrace the love of the Divine. See yourself in the arms of love and rest there child. As you move away from the struggle and free yourself from the fear you are separate from the turmoil. There is no need to struggle for the more you struggle the tighter the fear becomes your way of being and the harder it is to be free. Choose to be free in this moment and choose to fill your heart with love and feel the peace that it brings. You are connected to the Divine when you are free from the struggle and fear, when you are connected to the Divine you are at peace. Blessings my dear ones.

24th April 12

“I come from the pink ray and my Essence is love, pure, unconditional love. I have aligned myself with the Medium Georgie, a cherished Earth Angel whom we, the Angelic realm have much love and respect for. She has happily opened her heart to enable the expansion of the light and the healing of fear. She sits for us as a clear and open channel ready to serve the Divine Source as seen fit by the Divine plan. She has asked for help in achieving her life’s purpose and we have listened to her request. Therefore we take every opportunity to work with the Medium, in her mission to help others heal their hearts and move from fear into love. It is fear that causes the world to slow down and it is fear that causes the world to stagnate. Fear comes in many guises and on many levels, most of you on the earth plane will have at some point reacted to situations out of fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear of yourself, your soul, your mission here on the Earth at this time. I am working with the Medium to ensure that as many people as possible at this moment of time may release their fears and transform their negative emotions into love. There have been many people talking about this but are they doing it? It takes courage to walk your path in love and be free from fear. It takes courage to allow yourself to be free from the shackles that bind you into the earth’s mentality of not being enough. For if you could see with our eyes then you would understand the there is only love, love is all that has been created in the Spirit world. Fear is merely an illusion it is not real. Yet so many of you choose to feed the fear through your minds, you like to read about the fear, you watch stories about the fear, you whip up the illusion so well that you make it impossible to do anything else other than create the illusion into the manifested. We would much rather manifest love than fear, guilt, blame or hate. Together through our Medium we wish to help those of you still living on the earth plain to release your fears and blocks that hold you back from fully allowing your hearts to be open and feel the love that we have to bring. We give you the opportunity to allow yourself to release your fear to the light and expand your heart and consciousness to deeply feel love like you have never felt before. ”  An Angel named Love