Welcome to my inspired website that promotes how you can live your life in harmony, by working and co-creating with the Divine Feminine through; music, singing, dancing, healing, and meditation.

It is my wish that more people learn or remember how to connect and work with the Divine support system that is there just waiting for you to call upon.

Life can be magical when we are working together with the Divine Mother, Ministry of Angels, Arch Angels, and Beings of Light. All we have to do is be open, still, and allow that Divine guidance to come to us.

I am based in South Benfleet, Essex but also see clients in Leigh and Southend. I also offer healing, as well as channeled readings either over the phone or through video on Skype.

Since embarking on my Spiritual path in 1999, I have received so many surprises and blessings and they just keep coming. If you open your heart and expect good things to come, they will. But you first may need to value yourself and believe that you are unique and special and that you do deserve to receive! That was the tricky part for me, but once you truly believe you deserve to be whole, healed & complete you will be. My biggest leap has been realising my dream of recording music with Marcus Dolan. Our first album is ready to purchase on CD, “the Mystical” By Seraphisa. Please do contact me if you wish to purchase a copy or listen for free on SoundCloud.


For information about my new angelic sound healing modality, please visit


“I value myself, who I am, and what I share with the world”

” I am a channel and I use my gifts to help move you from Fear to Love and live the life you deserve to live; in balance, harmony and peace”